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Non Surgical Face Lift and Body Toning

Bio-Micro-current – is a very low-voltage micro-amperage (millionths of an ampere) current that is passed onto the affected cells or tissue trigger points in order to stimulate the body’s healing process.

Non Surgical Face Lift Vancouver Micro-current therapy is based on the principle that, application of current that is similar to the body’s bioelectric current enhances the tissues response to healing and repair.

Muscular Re-education of the Face and how it works: A tiny electrical current administered through two Q tipped probes attached to the ‘Micro-current’, which feels like a gentle tingle. Micro-current stimulation works on the spindle cells and Golgi tendon organs, reflexes found within each muscle, which control the length and tone of the muscle. As the muscles regain tone and tighten up, the skin they are attached to also tighten up. Micro-current also increases circulation to the facial skin, improving the texture and elasticity of the skin.

With a recommended series of 10 – 12 treatments, one to two times a week, the muscles of the face can be re-educated. The muscle regains the tone that has been lost with general aging and gravity. Facial muscle tone loss such as frown or smile lines, general wrinkles, crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, droopy lids etc. are gradually reduced.

Although this technique cannot change the structure of the face, as a surgical face-lift can, it can take 5 to 10 years of aging off your face, with no risk to you. Upon completion of treatments, periodic maintenance treatments are recommended every 2 -3 months.



Before and After Pictures for Non Surgical Face Lift


Non Surgical Face lift individual session price: $75.00


Body toning: package of 5- 45 min – 1 hour sessions: $300
Body toning: package of 10- 45 min – 1 hour sessions: $500