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Infrared Blanket / Vibration

Fir stands for far infrared ray or radiation and is often referred to as the light of life for its importance in growth and nature. Around 80% of the suns rays fall within this spectrum of light. Far infrared heat is renowned for its energizing and deeply penetrative powers.
The far infrared rays have deeper penetrative powers than other heat sources achieving 4-5cm depths within the body in a short time. When using the sauna blanket the head/brain is not heated. This allows sweating without overheating the bodies’ core temperature.

Article from Dr. Myhill November 2014 issue – WDDTY

The idea behind FIR saunas is that toxic chemicals that have been dumped by the body in fat, including subcutaneous fat, are shaken up and “boiled off” through the skin where they dissolve on the lipid layer on the skin surface. Showering off these chemicals is as important as the sauna as, otherwise, they would simply be reabsorbed.

It is not necessary to sweat for FIR sauna to be effective-most chemicals come out in the first 5-10 minutes- so little and often can get the best results. If there is excessive sweating, then rehydration should include minerals and salt (about 1g multi minerals and 2g salt in one litre of water). Sweat is essentially blood without cells and large molecules-but with all minerals present.

Roughly speaking, 50 FIR saunas will cut the total toxic load in half. As chemicals are removed exponentially, a further 50 saunas will reduced the total load to 25 per cent of the total and so on. But it’s never possible to get rid of every last toxic molecule. You will end up in a state of equilibrium with the environment- which of course, is always polluted.


Individuals Who Should Not Use the Machine

The Sauna Blanket is contraindicated for individuals with Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Hemophilia, Fever and Heat Sensitivity, Breast Implants and Pregnancy. Individuals taking pharmaceutical medications should consult their medical doctor or pharmacist.


These statements contained herein are for informational purposes only.
This treatments are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
Always consult with your professional Health Care provider before beginning any health regimen



The oscillating motion plate provides a workout to 95% of your muscles, increasing muscle mass and tone, while reducing body fat and cellulite.  The rapid vibrations cause a high rate of muscle contraction, cramming in reflex muscle contractions at up to 50 times per second.

It’s time to shake it up and see the benefits!

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Cellulite/body fat reduction
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve balance and flexibility
  • Reduce stress and fatigue

You will be able to deliver great results in less time… 10 minutes on this machine can replace up to an hour of a conventional workout. If you suffer from joint problems, have a heart condition or use a pacemaker, we recommend seeking medical advice before using a vibration machine.


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