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Universal Contour Wraps

Universal Contour Wrap
It is not just our body weight, which is of concern to us but also our body shape. Are you always trying to hide the curves and bulges with sweaters and bigger size clothes? How about when you’re getting your picture taken? Do you try to cover your body behind someone else or do you suck in your gut as much as you can so you can look slimmer? Our basic body shape cannot be dramatically altered but it can often be greatly improved. As we get older those loose flabby parts head south and we lose our younger firm appearance even if we do not gain weight. The best solutions now are the new body wraps. They are used to improve the appearance of cellulite, eliminate toxins, cleanse the skin and tighten loose tissue on the body. Clients enjoy seeing and feeling the immediate benefits of a body wrap. It uses warm elasticated bandages soaked in a solution containing natural minerals and sea clay to clad and re-shape the body, lifting flabby buttocks, flattening the abdomen and generally contouring the figure.

How does it work?
Once the bandages soaked in the sea clay solution are applied to the body, the effect is that of a giant poultice. The treatment works by drawing out toxins from the fluid around the fat cells, whilst the bandaging technique works to compress and compact the soft fatty tissue, creating a smoother base over which the soft tissue lies. The result is not only inch loss, but also a treatment that cleanses, detoxifies and tightens the skin. The treatment is not a dehydrative one, and you will not put back on the ‘lost inches’ through drinking a glass of water. In fact you are assured of the reverse, and actually encouraged to drink plenty of water after the treatment to cleanse and flush your system through, and this can help you to achieve further inch loss and tightening of the skin over the following few days.

Let’s talk about inch loss…
You are guaranteed to lose a total of at least 6 inches in your first full body wrap. Measurements are taken before and after the treatment, and your total inch loss is calculated by adding the loss from each area together. The average client loses between 10 and 14 inches on their first full treatment. A course of three wraps should result in a total loss of at least 25 inches. Generally a female client can expect to come down by a dress size over a course of three wraps without losing a pound of weight! What is really good about this is the fact that you are not losing inches from the wrong areas i.e. if you have skinny legs, you will not lose in that area, you will simply tone up. You will lose more where you need to because of the layering and work of the bandages on the problem areas.

How long does it take, and how many wraps are needed?
You should allow approximately 2 hours for the treatment. You will actually be in the wrap for one hour, during which time you will be able to read or rest. The remaining time is taken up with measuring, wrapping and undressing. The number of wraps required really depends on what your goals are, whether you are dieting at the same time, how loose your skin is, how ‘solid’ your cellulite is etc. For maximum benefits, a course of 3 to 5 wraps is recommended and the results include excellent accumulative inch loss.

What about the skin?
The wrap has a cleansing effect on the skin, and makes the skin feel smoother and tighter. The tummy area as the effects of pregnancy leaves many of us loose and flabby. Clients with stretch marks will see a real improvement immediately after being unwrapped, as the stretch marks become less noticeable as the skin tightens. Virtually anybody, men, women, young and old wishing to lose inches – or just tone up and tighten a certain area, can benefit from a Body Wrap. If you are thinking of dieting – this is a marvelous incentive to start one. Clients suffering from psoriasis and eczema have reported relief from symptoms such as soreness and itching while those with rheumatism and arthritis have benefited from the magnesium and salts present in the solution that work to ease muscle spasms. Clients with stretch marks will be delighted with the results just one treatment can bring, and of course anyone can enjoy the benefits of detoxification #inchlosssurrey #inchlossbody #lymphaticdrainagebody #lymphaticmassage

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Per Wrap: $200.00
Package of 3 Wraps: $500.00
Package of 5 Wraps: $725.00